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WTF Wolf & The Fairies
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WTF Wolf & The Fairies Niko & Joe

Guitars, FX, Programming
Composer, Mixer

Flûte, Keyboards, Percussions, Beatmaker, Composer, Video

Wolf & the Fairies came to life with the magical encounter between GOCTA and JOE (click here)

On a full moon night, the melody of flutes, guitars and urban synths intertwine, their worlds coalescing.

The duo combines electronic trend trip-hop, indie rock and ethnic vibes to write a strong message about our society and humanity.

Awakening of the wolf

This song has been recorded live while experimenting with electronic FX on flute with a control ring.

Through movements, GOCTA can change the sound of his instrument which is a real innovation.

About the awakening of our animal consciousness, this song is a call to find back our inner self through a meditative yet fierce music.

Our video clip was made by
Studio Point G in Montrouge, France.

Mad Dog

Initially made up by GOCTA by using only ethnic samples from his first album Fonker, Mad Dog is a scream for freedom.

The rock vibe is coming from JOE’s rageous
guitars and growling synths.

Mad Dog ends with this quote in french by Flow: “Without art, there is only barbarism”.

Showing the importance of the visual for the band, it’s a huge work of editing and transformation

by GOCTA from original footage of the great Jabbawockeez and Strawhatz, two dance
crews whose work we admire.


This new track reveals an intimate side of the duo. Soundtrack of a strong and mutual emotion, this tribute reveals the sensitivity of the wolf as well as the mystical world of the fairies.

Composed during the summer of 2021, “Fathers” offers an acoustic territory dear to WTF.

The guitars, Lapsteel for GOCTA and Electric for JOE, exchange and rise around a setting of flutes and symphonic instruments.


The narrative thread of the piece flies away on a flamboyant finale, terrible as well as majestic, leaving as an answer to the chaos of life, the sound of nature... immutable.

“Mad Dog is powerful and singular, very cinematographic too.”

Melissa Phulpin, Tom Boy Lab

WTF Wolf & The Fairies Niko & Joe #1


We recorded our first single "Awakening of the wolf" , our original tune, without thinking one second it would fit so perfectly to Lose Yourself so perfectly.


The night after the recording session, we had a drink to celebrate our baby born song together, the camera team & the musicians.


Niko tried to search for an a-capella of EMINEM and played it at the exact beginning of our song... And here it is no sound stretch same exact BPM Absolute luck...

WTF #3.jpg

What's coming next?

We have a full first album to be released very soon

and some exciting news.
We are also actively working on our live performance

to offer an intense and strong collective event !

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