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Every 2 weeks with WTF Wolf & The Fairies we’re releasing single by single our first album. Last Friday it was the turn of the title COME PLAY WITH THE WOLVES to be released on the platforms. I should have mentioned it earlier in my blog but the events here in Cote d'Ivoire and a tourist flash put me behind schedule.

Come Play With The Wolves

Come Play With The Wolves

Fresh and warm, Come Play with the Wolves is a tribute to the guardians of nature and traditions. We mixed Maori, Indian raga, Native American songs with of course a good beat and some raging guitars.

As we do not like to do like everyone else with Wolfy, we will release a title every two weeks to have the entire album available before the summer and to be able to canvass, find dates and finally tour with our beautiful crazy duo!

See you next week for the release of.... "NUITS DE SABLE".


I write this article from Abidjan, back from an intense weekend in the bush that left me on my knees and with a small digestive gift not great!

For now I will not dwell on my impressions of this intense country, I will make an article completely dedicated to this adventure but I will still share with you some photos.

Shall we meet next week?

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