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New release for WTF & Concerts

Anothe single? We, Wolf & The Fairies have decided de delight you for the next few months and the release of our first album.

A new single every 2 weeks, that's the challenge we set ourselves with Joe, my mad scientist partner from Wolf & The Fairies.

So YES! We know it's unwise, we know we'd have to talk about it months in advance, we know we'd have to come up with a communications plan, but Joe and I aren't the kind of people who like to do things the way they're told.

That's the essence of our duo, the "What The Fuck" side that gave birth to the initials WTF. We don't like boxes, we don't like being pigeonholed into one restrictive musical genre.

With WTF we like to explore, shake up codes, change structures and tempos, mix styles and give ourselves absolutely no barriers!

New release WTF "NUITS DE SABLE":

WTF's new single Nuits de sable was composed just after a sandstorm from the Sahara covered the whole of Paris last year, in the year 2023.

I imagined a desert demon, wandering endlessly in the dunes, when a woman's song takes him across the sea to come back down and run the streets of Paname in search of the voice.

The story ends, of course, in a Paris jazz club, where our dear friend Bobby Rangell is our MC, while Frank Nelson steers the bass and Minh Pham gives us a few jazz licks on the keyboard.

Moroccan gnawa rhythms, hip-hop groove and guitars chanting like a muezzin, such is the recipe for this imaginary voyage of a Rage Against The Machine in Africa...

What else?

There's going to be a lot of gigs this summer, and I'm more than delighted, especially as I've been lucky enough to join a top-flight salsa trio: Mestica Social Club! It's a serious band, and I'm going to play...bass! Finally back to this fabulous instrument!

But not only that, I'll also be playing flute and sax/congas. In short, I'm looking forward to playing with this trio!


GOCTA Concert Le Cercle
GOCTA Le Cercle

With my solo project, GOCTA, I'm playing this Saturday in a new venue to be discovered!

I'll be playing some of my compositions, which are getting bigger all the time... In fact, I'm thinking of letting you listen to a few sounds online by this summer.

But in the meantime, I'll be playing a brand-new set this Saturday at Le CERCLE.

See you there?

What about traveling?

The trip back from the Ivory Coast was a tough one, with my health failing a little too much, but my camera full of crazy images! So I'm going to make 3 video episodes that I hope will show you another facet of Abidjan and the fabulous musicians of this bustling capital!

Gocta Cote d'Ivoire
Cote d'Ivoire

Leave me a comment and subscribe to my blog to follow my musical adventures!

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