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FUNTU the new single of WTF

FUNTU the new single of WTF Wolf &The Fairies is now online ! And we've got some fine guests on this rather unique track on the album, which I'll take the time to introduce to you in this article.

In any case, Joe and I are proud of the result of this track, which took us a long time to mix...

Ready? Let's go!

FUNTU : what does this mean? 

FUNTU is the abbreviation we've decided to use because the original name comes from an Adinkra “FUNTUFUNEFU DEKYEMFUNEFU” that means "unity in diversity".

FUNTUFUNEFU DEKYEMFUNEFU is an Adinkra that is tatooed on my plexus, and that was the favorite symbol of my dear sister Naghmey Aby Samb.

Luxury guests!

For this very special track, I sampled some very special people and was honored to have 3 great musicians and friends add their magic to our musi


First, let's open the ball with the great MARTHA PAREDES otherwise known as MARTIMBAL on social networks.

I've known Marta for a long time now, and she played with my old Latin jazz band. La Madrugada Orquesta  in her very early days. An extraordinary percussionist, a woman of character and now a musical icon in Venezuela, Martha is first and foremost a rare soul, a great friend whom I really wanted to invite. You can hear her on congas, but above all in the sample intro to FUNTU.

A toi mon amie, MERCI MILLE FOIS!!!


Martha surprised us by sending us these percussion tracks, along with another special guest whom we haven't yet had the chance to meet in person, but who graciously contributed his musical percussion touch to FUNTU. Our heartfelt thanks to you Cesar Borjas 


Once again, my friend VALENTINO honored us with a musical visit on a second track.

What can I say about Valentino? Extraordinary human being, percussionist, powerful drummer, but above all a faithful friend with whom it's always a great pleasure to play! Thank you, my friend!

Who are the samples used in FUNTU?

Hahaaa! The piece begins with a few words from Martha, then at 1'50” you can hear a great man and friend I met in Thailand: Chinua Ford. A wise man like few others in life...

At 3” you can hear my musical double Nico Rodriguez. An extraordinary musician steeped in talent, and an equally extraordinary human being, whom I also met in Thailand at the same time as Chinua.

At 4'35", an artist from another world, a little brother of heart and soul whom I'd like to introduce to you. T-John is his new artist name. John for all those who know him. A musical genius, a nugget like few others.

What else GOCTA?

My friends in Côte d'Ivoire have been waiting a long time for me to publish their long-awaited videos, but there's so much to show that it's taking a long time. I'm actively working on them and hope to be able to offer them to you at the end of June. I'm shooting actively this summer with a lot of gigs

Between the release of the WTF album, time-consuming health problems, day-to-day life to deal with, concerts, working on my instrument... Pfiouuu, it takes up a lot of time! But don't worry, it'll take as long as it takes, but the videos will come out! And songs from GOCTA, and the musical tale 100 Noms...

TI PA TI PA NARIVÉ as we say at my home…

Na rtrouv sa pli loin!!


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