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Lone Walk, our new single with Wolf & The Fairies is out!

I should have talked about it since this Tuesday but my body decided otherwise and I got a severe lumbago that nailed me to bed without being able to get up and even less stay in front of a computer.

Too bad for the algorithm, I only tell you about it today!


Compas Nova is none other than my friend JJ Akinlade, amazing poet, complete artist and above all a rare gem of humanity!

We met in the mountains of Thailand, in Pai during my first stay. Magically, this day Alex, Nico and Chinua entered my nomadic life. We had a unique, big and beautiful time that gave birth to the first TRAVELINMELODY movie : THE SEED.

JJ has since taken the stage name COMPAS NOVA and it is a huge honor to share the title LONE WALK with him.

He wrote us a deep, powerful and timeless text that I invite you to read at the bottom of this article while listening to the single.



The song opens with the voice of my friend and tattoo artist Jeremy from Sarawak aka Bunga Terung. ( Another intense personality encountered during my travels.

A huge TERIMAH KASI to you!

Thank you all for following the adventure of this album… Don’t forget to share as much as possible and comment on articles, videos, photos!! Every share counts!!


“Lone Walk” par Wolf & The Fairies, featuring Jonathan JOHNSON “Compass Nova”

Texte : Jonathan JOHNSON “Compass Nova”

Musique : Wolf & The Faires (Joseph ESCRIBE et Niko COYEZ)

One step at a time, 

one step at a time, 

my heart skips.

Step outta a line.

The beat is mind, 

heartfelt, pulsing, so sublime,

 forward, inward, awkward, onward, 

honest, imperfections, honored. 

Feel the flows of my own blood,

 touch and toes to stone, sand, mud.

The way is unwritten, 

flavours unfurl as new fruits are bitten, 

the juices that drip from the tip of my lips

sing bittersweet stories that wish to exist.

Seeds fall on a path that winds and twists.

For these coming years there's no blueprint here.

We must face the music ourselves, our fears match the pace or lose it, grab wheel and


Our fate, we choose it. 

Unclear frontiers.

Pick your paths, don't measure in halves.

Pick your paths, don't measure in halves. 

Pick your paths, don't measure in halves.

Figure how to fit your figure into stories of stars,

consummate a constellation from your

shimmering shards,

let light speed travel send your glimmer far.

Bless the freedom to be breathing fresh clean clear air, 

mind as the moment no illusions there. 

Walk alone.

Through a world of reflections, 

sift sane sense from a pool of projections,

Old child of divine profanity.

Take my pulse and check my sanity, 

A story so false has most of humanity, 

a sea of hungry ghosts dancing with depravity.


won't someone hold me 

to my word if I've deferred 

to live as earth is holy.

Oh, me, oh, my 

Above soil below sky 

cast a shell, 

throw a chain 

flip a coin 

roll a die.

Flow li-way, no replay 

Space, time and flux 

Actualize potential 

and give no fucks.

No one can walk you 

imitate or talk you. 

live this life that you saught 

and saught you 

rise to the occasion.

The spirit is amazing.

Lie on the fact that the world is changing, 

rely on the fact that the world is changing,

rely on the fact that the world is not the same thing 

as it was yesteryear, not tryna add hype

Just being so sincere, 

The systems we depend on 

are brittle, so fragile 

Best roll with the waves 

surf steady stay agile. 

one step at a time, 

one step at a time, 

A thousand mile journey

Meets these feet of mine.

My mind is my body.

My body is my mind.

A posture that fosters, 

attentions aligned.

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