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Fred Evrard, The Peacefull Warrior

It is with emotion that I write this rather special article, a tribute to a great man, a being of light whom I had the chance to meet during my travels. Someone who trusted me and who inspired many people through his art.

Fred left. Hard to believe for those who knew him.

With martial rigor throughout his life, no alcohol, no drugs, straight in the love he gave to those around him, impeccable hygiene and yet , the last battle took its toll on his body.

I'm not going to dwell on the ending, because I would like to tell you how I met Fred, and Lila his wife.


Kali Majapahit
Kali Majapahit

2013, first meeting

I was at the start of my travels, around 2013 I think. I discovered Asia, Sarawak and Malaysia, Thailand, Laos... In short, I was starting to get used to the nomadic rhythm and I made the decision to become a blogger. So I trained myself online and while talking with one of the members of the formation, he told me about a martial art: Kali Majapahit, and about a certain Fred Evrard who I absolutely had to meet!

I didn't know Singapore at all yet and I was just starting my training in Sarawak with my Sifu in Kung Fu (White Crane). So I got in touch with Fred via the internet, via Facebook, because I had to come and see what was happening in this small country musically and I had to get all the information possible, the little tips from the locals!.. .

Ah, and then I also had to find somewhere to sleep, because my finances weren't in the best shape. It was over the phone that Fred suggested that I sleep in his Dojo, as long as I was comfortable sleeping on the tatami.

A dream for me! Sleep in a real dojo? For real? YES!

So I went ahead and bought my ticket to the unknown. Fred wasn't there, it was Ben, his friend and trainer who welcomed me and from the first evening I was left to sleep alone in an absolutely splendid dojo. A few steps from the nerve center of Singapore's nightlife, Clarke Quay, where I made my first essential encounters in my artistic life in Asia.

Ben and Fred
Ben and Fred

It is by writing these lines that I realize the role that this school played in my life. Without them I would not have been able to afford to stay in Singapore for so long because my budget would have collapsed. I would not have met all these extraordinary musicians, I would not have made myself known as far as Malaysia, Borneo, Indo because Fred, without knowing it, was the first door opened.

A door to which he left me the keys, without even having met me. Just because he sensed my feeling on the phone, during a short first contact. Because he was curious about my call, my atypical journey.

And then there was finally the meeting, at his home with his incredible wife Lila. Fred sat down opposite me on his sofa. I perfectly remember this rather surreal image of this guy just a few years older than me, sitting in lotus, the light from the window streaming on him a bit like in a movie. I remember his kind eyes, me taking out my recorder and my camera to capture an interview which in the end was never published. Why? Because we talked for a long, long time...about Art, about energy and especially about me in the end because without realizing it he managed to make me talk about myself. Intimately. About the reason for my journey, twin souls, life, death, martial arts.

A true friendship and respect was born from this moment. Over the years, I have built strong bonds with the members of the school, Ben, Rose, Guillaume, Bernard, Laeticia, Vince, Fagan, Bea, Chris, Jeremy, Saphira, and sorry for those I forget to name here because there are many of you.I played music during your training, I trained with you, I dreamed of starting my own dojo, I sweated, I met the Yamakasi.You welcomed my friends, Fab.It's far too long to try to explain moments of life in writing, so I'm going to end this article with the video that I was able to shoot within the school during my last meeting with Fred and Lila.

I try to think that I managed to show a little of their soul in this video beyond their martial skills.

Fred, thank you...forever, you are the one who gave me one of the keys that changed my life.

To you Lila and to all the brothers and sisters of Kali Majapahit.

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