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New single and back on the road!

Hello to you who read me! I write in the shade of an avocado in Abidjan this article, under a heavy heat.

I have a lot of news:

The release of the second single of Wolf & The Fairies in just a few days and other beautiful things are being prepared.

If you take the time to read this article, leave me a comment at the end, it helps me to stay motivated to read the few people who follow me!


Because on this blog I like to give a little more, a little earlier, I will unveil the visual of the new single... Tadaaaa!!!!

nouveau single

Come Play with the Wolves is an invitation to join the guardians of traditions around the world. Heavy Beat and raging guitars rub shoulders with Hakas, Indian raga and hangdrum.

With Joe, my dear mad scientist binome from WTF We cooked you an absolutely lunar, raging little nugget. In short a UFO again from Wolfy...(that’s what we like to call each other! It’s cute huh? It almost seems like we are wise!)... Almost!

So because I know that if you read this blog you are one of the loyal followers of WTF, I invite you to click on the little red button below to be the first to listen Come Play With The Wolves, and join the pack!

AFRICA!!!! Me voilà!!

Abidjan on fire, here is the land that my feet tread at this very moment. It’s been years that I have to go here, visit a dear friend Olivier alias OVER LA FLUTE

There is a long and beautiful story behind our friendship, but I will keep it in reserve for the moment or I will release a new video of.... TRAVELINMELODY!!! NO!!!


I will resume the travel videos where I had stopped them, ie in episode 19/100. If you remember, it was a 100-to-zero countdown.

I had made 80 videos and I abruptly stopped. Covid came, my father got sick. My whole world collapsed.

But today I found the strength to resume this incredible adventure. Faith can be a little too.

So, I will tell everything, the whole story, I will film, record and share with you all this incredible adventure and I hope you will take as much pleasure as me to discover it!

LITTLE GIFT: An extract, uncut, raw without montage of the day yesterday!

Here... Leave me a comment, tell me what you think of all this and if you like to share this article!!

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