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Nomadic spirit

What happened since the last post? Between wandering, touring, festivals and projects, I am slowly getting my bearings in France and finally the borders are opening artistically after these difficult recent years.

Road trip in the south & GUTS Pura Vida!

September 2023, first road trip to the south of France. I stop at my friend Olivier's, a lifelong friend with whom we decided to create an atypical duo between classical and jazz, improvised music. Moreover, with the code " GIVECARE " you can find out a little more about my current projects by clicking here: https://www.

A stop at the magnificent campsite of Gabitou received by Muriel and all her group of friends. It deserves to be mentioned, because the rest with a view of the river was saving.

A stop to visit Flow , big sister of soul and source of inspiration, a nice touch of friendship with Romain and Marco, lifelong friends and I set off to see Guts and his whole gang.So yes, I built up the suspense, but I won't even be able to reveal what happened because the mystery of this big meeting must remain secret. A festival like I've never experienced, incredible artists, a timeless place far from the coast.

I can only quickly say that the invitation was incredible as well as the moment spent. I can also say that Guts is an artist who doesn't fit into any box, as easy to catch as a fish. He creates a world of kindness around his artists that is sorely lacking among people in the profession. A big thank you to you for this unique experience!

Tour with Aja Monet:

I then flew to the Netherlands to play with Aja Monet and its musicians. A leap into the unknown for me and for everyone, because if his pianist Javier accompanied, Aja had taken the risk of setting up a team of musicians per country. I was able to meet fantastic musicians in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and play my first Youtube Livestreaming click here

Vocals: Aja monet

Piano: Javier Santiago

Trumpet: Peter Somuah

Drums: Niek de Bruijn

Percussion: Vernon Chatlein

Double bass: Ildo Nandja

This was followed by a concert in perfect harmony in Amsterdam and a high-flying performance in London with a new team of superb musicians.

NEWS FROM WTF Wolf & The Fairies

And yes, for some time now, we've been saying that it's going to come out, just wait a little longer.... You must have had enough, right?Well we finally made the decision to release our first album....Early JANUARY!!!

So just to thank you, dear reader friend, what would you say to a little preview listen?

To do this, simply subscribe to the newsletter and read the email which will arrive smoothly in your mailbox! (check your spam, it sometimes arrives in the wrong place)... A confidential link will be given to you to listen to our first upcoming single: Oeil de Night!

It's simple, look at the bottom of this page and enter your email...

And GOCTA in all this?

I will continue to play all year round but I am starting to prepare many online releases. Because there are several albums to be released very soon.

I promise you, this time I will keep you informed regularly and I will start communicating a little again.


I had the honor of playing on stage with these three incredible musicians and it just blew me away. Kumar, Ariel and Alan, you are real killers, humanly and artistically!

Click here to listen< /u>

And my famous trek in Switzerland?

My friend Ben will tell you about it in detail and with all the links that go well with it...Just click HERE

Leave me a little comment on this article, advice, a critique, an opinion, a hello? It's always a pleasure to read you.

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