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Oeil de Nuit? What is this again Niko?

THE first single of our very first album with Wolf & The Fairies !! It's fresh, hot, and it will motivate you for the day!

But's that's not all for February, i have to tell you about my first Ecstatic Dance as a DJ and what's happening with GOCTA, my solo project.

Because 2024 will be a year of movement!

"Now is the time" Charlie Parker (maintenant, c'est le moment)

Oeil de Nuit : The first single of the 1st album WTF

Oeil de Nuit
Oeil de Nuit

We're finally here. Our very first album is on the way to be online very soon, mastered, and hot as hell!

With Wolf & The Fairies  we cooked something amazing.

Opening track of the upcoming album, Oeil de Nuit is the tribal shout that awakens the wolf inside us all. Without concession, this adrenaline fueled electronic rock nugget will take you on a punk road trip through the mongolian steppes. Be carefull... this is not lounge music!

Oeil de Nuit will be released online on all platforms on MARCH 01, 2024. That means very soon, and my mate Joe and I can't wait to see your reaction after listening!

So reserve the date by clicking here and indicating "pre-save" at the bottom of the page.

My first set DJ ECSTATIC


It was at the end of January with Esctatic Dance La Rochelle. I was finally able to launch myself into this unique concept, made by unique people, for a unique audience.

Ecstatic dance is a DJ set where you can go through any musical genre, as long as you follow a well-crafted, codified energy pattern, and above all... above all! A place where time stands still!

No alcohol, no substances, no talking, because everyone comes to dance and immerse themselves 100% in the music. Beautifully led by the 2 ceremony leaders Leslie and Brigitte, I played my music, played with the flutes, sax, keyboard, experimented and from start to finish everyone danced!

There were smiles and tears, emotion all round, with people who just want to escape from everyday life through dance and music.

Ecstatic dance

If you've never had the chance to experiment, go for it! Let go of your preconceptions and let your steps guide you into a sweet trance. Really, I'm not just a fan, I'm made for it!

The start of a great adventure for me...for sure! Thanks again Leslie and Brigitte for trusting me and guiding me into this new world!

GOCTA version 2.0

Waaa...I still have things to say?

Yup, for some time now I've been trying to figure out how to make my solo music really evolve, that famous GOCTA set I've been telling you about and which you can't yet listen to. Too much mystery kills mystery, so I've been working like never before, and it's finally taking shape.

And not just a little! I'm almost satisfied with the result, to say the least!

So here we are, I'm going to release my tracks little by little as singles one month after the release of Oeil de Nuit. At the beginning of April, I'll be releasing my first track!

Can't wait?

Leave me a little comment ... come on! It'll take a minute of your time, but it'll leave me smiling for at least 10 minutes!

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